We assist endeavors to walk through the way to the success of their entrepreneurship

  • Corporate structure – we strongly believe that at the very beginning, is not efficient to create a big corporate/international structure. The most efficient structure is the one that covers the needs to begin operations and can be later scalable accompanying the growth of the company, without having to amend it, avoiding unnecessary costs.
  • Tax planning – cross border transactions between related parties – group tax efficiency


Focused on startups, we provide a specific Fractional CFO service to prepare your company for its first raising capital round.

A highly skilled and experienced professional will work with you:

To coordinate and develop

  • Business plan – the key to future growth and fund raising. It will include market research, business cycle, talent requirements, logistics, KPIs, etc.
  • Cash flow projections – working capital
  • Company valuation
  • Funding requirements – equity investors – loans – tax impact for investors –
  • Subscription agreements review
  • Key staff compensation – stock options
  • Commercial contracts review
  • Reporting - Balance Sheet consolidation – conversion to IFRS or US GAAPs – software tools
  • Budget variances

Capital raising:

  • Research of the most efficient financial sources
  • Identify the stage of the business – seed capital / f&f / business angels – crowdfunding – venture capital – private equity –
  • Cap table


Accompanying the founders to the first fund raising round

  • NDA and letter of intent
  • Due diligence