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About UHY Macho

In 1972 the Dr. Roberto Carlos Macho, professor of the University of Buenos Aires and Lomas de Zamora, and President of Room III of the Court of Ethics of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, founds the firm Macho & Associates.

In 1989, Macho and Asoc. becomes representative for Argentina of UHY.
In 1997, UHY Macho and Asoc. is mentioned by the International Accounting Bulletin like one of the first companies of Audit and Consultancy of Latin America.

Continuing his process of expansion, in 2002, installs offices in Miami, US, for the best service of his international clients. In 2007, UHY Macho and Asoc. is accepted by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, organism created under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of the United States of North America, as control unit of auditors of Public Companies; being one of the first companies of audit in Latin America in obtaining the registration.

Thanks to its 35 years of experience, the quality of its services and to the confidence deposited by its clients, UHY Macho & Asoc. currently provides services in all Latin America, where it has clients in diverse countries.