Audit & assurance

UHY M&A offers different audit services according to the needs of your company, always under the most demanding principles of integrity and independence.

Audit of statutory books and Financial Statements

Beyond fulfilling legal requirements, our work implies an objective report of the financial situation and possibilities of growth of your company.

Audit of internal processes

Los procedimientos internos en toda empresa cambian en forma vertiginosa, debiendo adecuarse al negocio. En este escenario, es fundamental mantener la estructura de controles, y un flujo de información adecuado, evitando la duplicación de funciones.

SOX compliance

The Sarbanes Oxley Act in the United States of North America, requires that the Management of the Company, demonstrates they have settled down and proven the internal controls in the key processes, to assure the transparency of the information provided to its shareholders. Our team of specialists, will evaluate these processes, and will issue a report, according to the guidelines of the PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board), before which UHY M&A is registered.

Due diligence

Mergers and acquisitions in a complex and competitive market, are constant. In these processes accurate and just-in-time information, is essential to arrive to an agreement between parts. A due diligence must assure that the situation shown in the countable states of the company is reliable, contingencies have been evaluated and revealed, and its continuity and the cash flow of the business have been measured in relation to their value of sale.

Laboral Audit

It assures that your company fulfills all legal requirements, evaluates the strategy of remunerations and measures the possibility of claims or demands in labor matters.