Tax issues should cover different variables that can be decisive at the time of maximizing the results of their business.

Tax planning

The tax planning implies a deep analysis of the transactions of the company to, within the fiscal requirements of each country, determine where the tax must be paid, and to administer the tax burden in the less onerous way.

Double Tax Treaties

Agreements between countries tend to defend their income, at the same time as to avoid the duplication of the fiscal burden to the companies. International transactions between companies are in continuous change, as well as the agreements signed by the fiscal authorities of the countries where they operate. From the analysis of these agreements, important benefits and competitive advantages for their company can arise.

Transfer Pricing studies

Increases in the controls of the fiscal authorities, do necessary to count on an exhaustive analysis of the prices of transference in transnational companies, to comply with legal requirements, and reduce the risks related to taxes and customs duties.

Tax litigation

Our team of professionals will assist you with the filing and follow up of before the Tax Court, evaluating success possibilities, costs, and the best strategy to follow, documenting and supporting it with the antecedents that can offer the tributary doctrine, in each case.


Our accountants and tax affairs lawyers, will be able to advise you in the fiscal aspects related to:
  • Mergers, acquisitions and spin offs
  • Reductions and increases of capital
  • Liquidation of societies
  • Changes of address, annual closing date, social denomination, etc.
  • Staff relocation